Jenn Klopfer and her staff are very committed to their students with their art of creativity through dance. They create an atmosphere of compassion for one another and teamwork as well as individual growth. Everyone is like family. -- Wendy Hitchcock


We are so fortunate to have come across Moxie Dance a few years ago and enrolled our daughters. We have been incredibly impressed with everyone at Moxie and couldn't be happier with our experience! What stands out most to us is the attitude of the instructors... watching them smile and laugh during class and seeing how they interact with the kids shows that they all WANT to be here. This is truly a great place to be! -- Bob Hendershot


Moxie is more than a place to dance. Moxie become a part of my life. It mended me back together every time I got ripped apart through the hardest obstacles. It created a family, anytime I fell they were there to pick me up. You never know when your last day could be. I'm blessed every morning to wake up and be apart of what to me is a blessing. -- Trey Shaw


Moxie is not just a place to come dance, it's a lifestyle and a place for free expression. Moxie is a family and encourages everyone to support each other. -- Brooke Herbert

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